who plays alex dupre in one tree hill

who plays alex dupre in one tree hill

Who plays Alex Dupre's costar Josh on One Tree Hill? It is Paul Teal. I think One Tree Hill was his first television show experience. That is his only credit on imdb. In June , it was announced Kramer would star in the CW drama television series seventh season of One Tree Hill. Kramer played the role of Alex Dupre, an actress and tabloid darling who becomes the new face of Brooke Davis’s fashion line “Clothes Over Bros” and creates havoc for the residents of Tree Hill. Jana Kramer portrayed Alex Dupre on One Tree Hill. Jana Rae Kramer played Noelle Davenport on Friday Night Lights and Portia Ranson on She played a sorority girl . Jana Kramer plays the loveable and controversial character of Alex Dupre on the hit CW show One Tree Hill but in real life, Jana is trying to break into the music industry – and she already has one foot in the door. Since Season 1 of One Tree Hill Author: Aayles. Before she was a country star, Kramer was troubled actress-turned-model Alex Dupre on One Tree versant.us: Ariana Bacle, Dana Getz, Adam Lujan. One Tree Hill (TV Series –) Jana Kramer as Alex Dupré.

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She moved from LA because her husband moved around a lot. Episode 4. His appearances slowly turned to comic-relief such as when he mistook a pair of female police officers for strippers at a party, insisting on them giving him a show even as they handcuffed him and put him in a police car. He recently appeared on the John Legend-produced period drama Underground as U. He attended the Prom by himself.

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He shoots Carrie and she is believed to be dead. Played by Craig Sheffer as a series regular for seasons one to three and as a special guest star in two episodes in season four and one episode in season nine, Keith Alan Scott was Dan Scott's older brother, and also a recurring love interest for Karen Roe, Lucas Scott 's mother and Dan's ex. February 22, In Kramer appeared in The CW teen drama series , a reboot of the s teen drama television series Beverly Hills In Season seven, Lydia visits her daughters, Haley, Taylor and Quinn and it is revealed that her husband had died several years prior and that she has Pancreatic Cancer and is dying, but wants to spend her remaining time with daughters rather than fight it. Text "publisher[E!

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He has stayed very close to Peyton even though she broke up with his son, but much like most Tree Hill parents, he has a very rocky relationship with his son. Alex and Julian then started to work together on her script, Seven Dreams 'Til Tuesday , just as Alex's feelings for Julian started to develop and Brooke starts to worry about their working relationship. Kramer made her final appearance in the second episode of the ninth season, "In the Room Where You Sleep", which aired on January 18, Archived from the original on July 22, She rose to notoriety in Hollywood and appeared in starring roles in several films gaining a reputation in the industry. So I thought it would be cool to get James. Gregory Harrison. April 10, Follow IMDb on.

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