who plays elliot stabler on law and order svu

who plays elliot stabler on law and order svu

Jan 24,  · Kathleen Louise Stabler (born July 13, ) is the second oldest child of Detective Elliot Stabler and Kathy versant.usen was born one month premature. Her siblings are Maureen, Elizabeth, Dickie, and Elliot Jr. According to Elliot, Kathy saw Elliot involved in a shooting on the news which caused her to give birth to versant.usor: Allison Siko, Holiday Segal. Christopher Meloni, Actor: Man of Steel. Blessed with a piercing, blue-eyed glint, brawny looks, cocky "tough guy" stance and effortless charisma, TV's Christopher Meloni has grabbed audiences' attention, male and female alike, finding breakthrough small screen stardom playing both sides of the law. Audiences first were taken in by his sexually arresting portrayal of a sociopathic killer Born: Apr 02, Jan 16,  · Elliot "El" Stabler (born October 20th, ) was a detective in the Manhattan Special Victims Unit. He was partnered with Olivia Benson for over twelve years, and reported to Captain Donald Cragen. Elliot was married to Kathy Stabler for over 20 years; Affiliation: NYPD (), United States Marine . Elliot Stabler is a fictional character portrayed by Christopher Meloni and one of the lead characters on the NBC police procedural series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit during the first twelve seasons. As a result of Meloni's sudden departure from the cast at the end of the twelfth season, Stabler abruptly retires from the police force off-screen during the season 13 versant.us appearance: "Payback". Christopher Peter Meloni (born April 2, ) is an American actor. He is known for his television roles as NYPD Detective Elliot Stabler on the NBC legal drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for its first twelve seasons and as inmate Chris Keller on the HBO prison drama versant.us June , he returned to HBO, as the vampire Roman on the main cast of True Blood for the series' fifth season. Hargitay plays Detective Olivia Benson and Meloni portrays Detective Elliot Stabler. Olivia will be on the 13th season on Law and Order SVU but Elliot has decided him time is up at SVU and is leaving. Stacker presents 50 of the best Law and Order SVU episodes ranked. and the ever-changing dynamics between Benson and her partner Elliot Stabler, the show has received steady praise since its premiere in Meanwhile, Kevin Carolan plays one of his three roles that he has done in "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.". Sep 26,  · Christopher Meloni's Det. Elliot Stabler exited "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" at the end of season 12 with so little warning and basically zero closure that fans are still hoping for a Author: Anna Chan.

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November 11, March 27, SVU's resident psychiatrist, Dr. He was knocked unconscious by Schenkel after setting the girl free, and came very close to being killed, but managed to put Schenkel in a sleeper hold. Episode

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Kathleen is twice charged with DUI ; [22] he uses his clout as a police officer to make the first charge disappear, but he eventually realizes that he has to let her face the consequences of her actions, and she is sentenced to community service. IMDb rating: 8. January 8, Who plays Elliot Spencer on Leverage? Their relationship is not without friction, however. Start a Wiki.

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Olivia and a team of firefighters managed to get Kathy out of the car and into an ambulance, where Kathy gave birth to a baby boy. Show all 13 episodes. Munch fell to the floor after being shot, to which Stabler shot and killed Rawlings. Stabler later witnessed Breslin assaulting Luke in the bathroom after Luke's arraignment. In February , Stabler injured his arm when Cupid threw him out the window, causing Stabler to lose all feeling in his arm. Yes She Plays Mrs.

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