who plays ivy in good luck charlie

who plays ivy in good luck charlie

16 rows · Raven Goodwin. Raven Shamira Goodwin (born June 24, ) is an American actress. . Sep 24,  · Ivy is Teddy’s best friend in “Good Luck Charlie” and the one sometimes responsible for pushing the Duncan sibling into being more adventurous. She has an obsession with money, clothes and boys, but it’s not often that she’s seen onscreen with the latter.

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Wentz weather girls. I kinda wanna see it. She loves fashion and says most of the clothes in her closet are animal prints. Gabe, the second youngest. The mother of the Duncan family, Amy is hugely protective of her children. Choking ivy a. Who Ivy is on good luck charlie?

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You could easily end up in the hospital. Ever since Teddy and Spencer got back together, Ivy still harbors resentment but is also concerned that things became worse with them dating, like Teddy being considered a jinx on him and the basketball team. Jessie was not a series regular on Good Luck Charlie, but she did appear in a special Christmas episode. Who is the characters name on Good Luck Charlie? Is amber riley on Good Luck Charlie? Their friend, Ivy Wentz, is played by Raven Goodwin.

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It is shown that cares more for his car than Ivy, as he calls the car My Special Girl instead of Ivy. What is the name of teddy's friend in Good Luck Charlie? Just as talented at dancing as her companion, Rocky is also in attendance when the Duncan women are mistaken for the famous Duncan sisters. Unlike the rest of his siblings, Gabe is hesitant to connect with Charlie at first because he holds a grudge about no longer being the youngest. Snowflake Sweep and Firefly Light-Up. What are the name of the cast of Good Luck Charlie? It's easy.

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