who plays the voice of stewie on family guy

who plays the voice of stewie on family guy

"Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane plays three different main characters: Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, and Brian the talking dog. Cartoon creators sometimes play characters in their own cartoons, but MacFarlane is unusual in that all three are main characters, and all three sing frequently. During the " Theme From "Family Guy"" in ""Family Guy" Through the Years", Peter attributes Stewie's limited speech to a wizard, associating it with a trope used to explain a lack of continuity as "a wizard did it." In "Dead Dog Walking", Peter mentions to understanding pieces of Stewie's speech after hearing his secret of kissing Chris.

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Views Read Edit View history. Highly literate and able to cite pop culture references that long predate his birth, Stewie is also entranced by Raffi and Teletubbies. Los Angeles Times. Mayor Adam West. It had to do with the harassment he took from other kids at school. One example is in the episode, " Brian and Stewie ," where Stewie's cellphone screensaver is of a muscular man. Nancy Basile is an entertainment writer who specializes in cartoons, comic books, and other elements of pop culture. Drew Barrymore.

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Emily Osment. Returned briefly in and for one episode in and This never saw the light of day due to the show's cancellation. There are also many references to him being straight, as seen in " Dammit Janet! Stewie's head has the shape of a rugby ball.

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Stewie often speaks from the standpoint of a much older person, saying such things as "What is it that you children are into nowadays? He starred in Seth MacFarlane's sitcom, "Dads. She further explained, "Meg gets picked on a lot. Episode 3. In the same episode he asks Brian to shave his "coin purse".

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