why can t nhl players play in the olympics

why can t nhl players play in the olympics

The NHL announced Monday that it will not participate in the PyeongChang Olympics, ending a run of five consecutive Winter Olympics with NHL players. "We have previously made clear that while Author: Dan Rosen. Feb 14,  · The NHL announced in April that the league would not provide an Olympic break for players to represent their country in the Olympics. NHL teams will Author: Jonathan Adams. Apr 04,  · Support The Guardian the NHL allow its players to go to the Winter Olympics? because this is a tournament they truly love to play in. And those players who do go, NHL or not, won’t Author: Joshua Kloke. Feb 16,  · Wondering why NHL players are not at the Winter Olympics? Here's why. This is an event where the best players should play.'' Here is why the Author: Kevin Allen, USA TODAY. Feb 18,  · WATCH: NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman says a decision will be made in the future but there is no timeline. This year could be the last time NHL Author: Adam Hearty. Feb 06,  · But this year's Olympics will be different — NHL players aren't allowed to play. If you were wondering why aren't NHL players competing in the Olympics, here's everything you need to versant.us: Chelsea Stewart. Feb 20,  · Olympics: Here's why there aren't any NHL players at the Winter Games This might be the new norm at the Winter Olympics, so here are three reasons whyAuthor: Cody Benjamin. Feb 07,  · The KHL isn’t exactly the NHL, but it’s not exactly a beer league either: It’s the world’s second best hockey league, and 91 of the tournament’s players currently play versant.us: Terrence Doyle.

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But overall, in the long run, I think it's a positive thing. As a competitive guy, I want to be part of those games. Full Coverage. As an athlete, too, a lot of athletes don't get to experience that. China is hosting the Winter Games.

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Coming Up. Casual fans get into it for a couple of weeks and then forget about it the week afterward. But the fans, for the most part, want to see the best players, and I can't blame them for that because they want to see the best hockey possible. The variance of player participation from team to team has impacted the results in the Stanley Cup Playoffs in Olympic years. In its own unceasing public-relations push for a season absent the Olympics, the NHL tried telling fans that it was right to avoid the world's biggest athletic stage because of "the cost-benefit equation.

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Other professional sports leagues like the National Basketball Association do not have to make the same break in a season, since Olympic basketball events are in the off-season in the summer. If an opportunity like that comes and it gets shut down, it would suck a lot. Sochi: Beyond the podium. Shutting down the league causes issues: The NHL needs to shut down for 17 days to accommodate an Olympic schedule, and that plays havoc with business operations. Have you been watching men's ice hockey at the Winter Olympics? It's Kind Of Dramatic. In total, the tournament boasts a combined 17, NHL games played. As a result, and in an effort to create clarity among conflicting reports and erroneous speculation, this will confirm our intention to proceed with finalizing our regular season schedule without any break to accommodate the Olympic Winter Games. Quite the opposite.

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