why does my head hurt when i play video games

why does my head hurt when i play video games

A significant portion of the population gets moderately to severely nauseated while playing first-person video games, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s why those games make people feel ill, and what you can do about versant.us: Jason Fitzpatrick. I get tension headaches when I go to the movie theater as well. I wear glasses now because of playing video games in the dark with very little breaks. Also, I can't play some games because I become nauseated, but not to the point where I throw up. I tried to play games like Dead Island, and Just Cause 2, but I felt too dizzy to want to continue. Apr 18,  · my head hurts when ever i play call of duty modern warfare 2 on versant.us does that happen?i was wondering if i play more war games probably i'll get used to it,beacuse i was always playing fighting games n my head isnt used to all the guns?Answers: 5. Dec 08,  · Every time I begin playing video games (COD) my head starts hurting. It hurts too much to a point I have to stop playing and lay down.. Yet, if I watch TV or use computer / cellphone, my head wont hurt. It only happens when I play video games. I do need glasses but I use them & the headache just begin a few days versant.us: Open. “My head hurts!” How often have you said those words as you hold your head in your hands, wishing the pain would go away? There are several causes of headaches, and fortunately, most of those causes have simple remedies. Here are the common answers to “Why does my head hurt?”Author: Gabrielle. Welcome to the Top 7. This won't hurt a bit Video games are supposed to be fun. That's why we play them. Conversely, pain is not fun, which is why we try to avoid it. So when videogames cause Author: Justin Towell. Nov 14,  · Well, I can’t tell you why does it hurts but I know that what is hurting you aren’t brain, because the brain lacks pain-sensitive nerve fibers. Several areas of the head can hurt, including a network of nerves that extends over the scalp and certain nerves in the face, mouth, and throat.

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More questions. Just look at this guy's haul from a non-Battlefield-related game of paintball:. Its kind of funny but I've only seen warning about headaches signs about length of gameplay in Japanese games. I don't know what was with that game, because I was typically fine with other FPS's, yet Half Life 2 made me feel like my head wanted to explode. Or, you might not be cut out for shooter games.

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Conversely, pain is not fun, which is why we try to avoid it. I checked with my physician and she said that is nothing wrong with me. Yahoo Answers. Quick reply. Conversely, PC gamers tend to sit at desks with their monitors much closer. Jfisch93 Maybe so if it's happening consistently now, but that's always happened to me.

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Probably has to do with the color scheme and the framerate. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. Answer Questions Why does my ear hurt so bad? And the thing with zombies is that shooting them doesn't always kill them - it usually just makes bits fall off. What about certain video games makes some people nauseated, induces severe headaches, or gives them vertigo? If you have arthritis that affects the nerves in your neck, you might suffer from severe headaches right behind your eyes. Where does it hurt the worst? To compound the problem further, your right hand is just adding to the console's apparent weight by pressing down on the touch screen from above. I checked with my physician and she said that is nothing wrong with me.

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