why doesn t my cat play anymore

why doesn t my cat play anymore

Mar 14,  · I have a kitty I recently took in that doesn't like playing with me, either. She will play by herself. One reason for her is that she's still a little skittish at times - if I walk up to her she'll run a little ways away, does not like me standing over her (unless I have food), doesn't like anything in my hands hanging over her. Dragged and tossed toys are ok. This is why you might see your cat doing something she isn’t supposed to do if she wants you to notice her. “Cats don’t really differentiate between positive and negative attention, so if your cat really wants human contact, she’ll do something that gets it,” Nappier says. Is My Cat Being Spiteful? Not at all. Maybe those cats teach their kittens to be quiet so they won’t attract predators. Other cats don’t purr loudly or often until they reach maturity. Unless this is a recent change in your cat’s behavior, there’s no need to take him to the veterinarian just because he doesn’t purr. Apr 10,  · my cat doesn't play anymore, he was so energetic when he was a kitten (3 now) he used to go crazy and run around the house, it was so funny. but now all he does is sleep, he's happy and everything.. my friends cat (who's 8) is still so energetic he plays so much around the house.. and yet he's over weight. is there any way of getting my cat to start playing with toys? please help:)Status: Resolved. Why doesn't my cat sleep with me anymore? During the day, she doesn't play with this toy at all. I'm guessing she's offering us a gift to demonstrate that she's a skilled versant.us: STEVE DALE. Why cats choose to sleep where they do is a question for the ages. Cats are a law unto themselves. They’re a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, to quote Winston Churchill. He was talking about Russia but may well have been inspired by his cats, Tango and Nelson. When your cat curls up.

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Aug 14, 9. She is eating good, and as far as I can tell, in good health. She will play by herself. She's definitely not overweight. I can only assume that she's perceiving my body language as too threatening. In that answer, I explain how we introduce new cats to out other cats. Maybe give it a try?

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Cats are a law unto themselves. My cat Xena is around 14 years old and plays just a little. Cats fall into a range of personalities and activity levels. How would my cat prevent me from leaving if she was going to kill me? You may have tried catnip toys, but be aware that not all cats react to catnip.

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It is frustrating that my Gracie, does not want to play anymore. Kittens indulge in self-play and can entertain themselves. We have two seven year old litter mates who seem to be active all the time. He was talking about Russia but may well have been inspired by his cats , Tango and Nelson. Laurie, glad to know mine's not the only one who acts nutso every once in a while Vetstreet does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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