why won t my ps3 play blu ray

why won t my ps3 play blu ray

Nov 10,  · For PlayStation 3 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Ever put in a blu-ray disc and it won't play? Here's the fix.".Operating System: PS3. Feb 01,  · I have a CD that I burned and it has 20 songs 14 through 20 won't play on my PS3. But like movies play games play basically everything plays except those songs. Aug 06,  · Hi all, I own an old PS3 "fat" system, and recently bought The Walking Dead Season 1 on blu-ray. The video plays fine on my Panasonic blu-ray player, but when I try to play it on my PS3 I get a. May 27,  · Can PS3 Region free for Blu-ray disc? Although Blu-ray games are not region-locked on PS3 consoles, however, the PS3 Blu-ray player is region-locked for multimedia content such as Blu-ray disc. If the region code on Blu-ray disc is different from. Why won’t my PS3 play DVDs? Is it a recent problem? It’s possible your system’s Blu-Ray drive has crapped the bed. I’ve had to replace the Blu-Ray drive in my PS3 on three different occasions since I bought it in early (March?) The original. Sep 22,  · I was fixing my friends PS3 Slim and it will read dvd's but it won't read blu rays or ps3 games. So I figured it was the blu ray lens. So I ordered a new one online and I just finished installing it and the same symptoms are happening! Jan 29,  · If your Blu-ray player does not play any discs, it may be due to a number of things from cables to settings on your TV. However, if it is only one or two discs that do not play, check the region code, physical damage to the disc or try cleaning your Blu-ray player with cleaning tools specific for cleaning the laser within your unit. Dec 27,  · Why won't my PS3 play BluRay movies? It happen to me couple month a go, my old PS3 of 80GB did quit playing Blue ray movies or games but no the regular DVD or regular games, so here is why, the PS3 DVD unit has 2 optical lens one for the regular DVD and one for the Blue Ray DVD's and games, here is my suggestion! Diagnosing a PS3 Blu Status: Open.

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I included the link that I found just browsing and good luck! You can choose check the option of " Anaglyph " or " Split Screen " according to your need. Anyway I never had a single disc unplayable on my PS3 when I was using it as a movie player, but the 2 or 3 times I had a disc fail to load on my standalone, it worked just fine in my PS3. User Info: archizzy archizzy 7 years ago 9 lostkiwi posted Log In Sign Up. Can one game really be that hard on the system it was designed to be played on? Add to collection. In this function, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and hue of the Blu-ray video.

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I just replaced the laser and track assembly. I'll give it a go tonight, but it seems that playing around with these settings will likely fix it. That fixed it. You then say "no" and see if that works. Hope this gives ideas to go through symptons and find out what is wrong in your case.

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This guy needs to reread his posts before posting! Is it always the laser reader what if you play a game thats hard on the system I tried to play last of us and it made it like that I think I'm not sure. The Blu-ray player will install the downloaded software and restart. Here's the fix. None of my other Blu-Ray players can, even with updates. This will delete any games movies or photos etc It was a cheap one, cost me like 4 bucksand I got it atAmazon but the video comes through fine.

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