why you should play league of legends

why you should play league of legends

Playing League of Legends, you would prefer to win as no one wants to lose. To do so, you need to acquire certain experience and skills which will help you to achieve your goal. In normal games, it is a way difficult as the level of players is different there. You can’t learn anything from those who are Author: Smurfstore. Aug 21,  · The trolls thin out when you get closer to 30ish. Unfortunately riot's F2P model means disgruntled banned players and *******s who don't want their mains banned can ruin the game for new players. Edit: Also if you care to play, accept the summoners code in your account settings. People will care more. Not much more mind you. The people you play with never change even if you play on a higher level. Balancing in League is getting worse by every major patch aswell. If you hated Warwick wait untill you see Mundo or Soraka now. If you ask me now if you should play it? No, imo. The best days of League were when the game was fresh and nobody knew what the fuck they were doing. Why you SHOULD play League of Legends. Marcua (EUW) submitted in New Player Advice. So a post has recently been made telling people the reason NOT to play LoL. So it seems completely fair, that the player base gets the reason why you SHOULD play this wonderful game. 1. It is popular. Apr 18,  · Whether you're looking for reveal articles for older champions, or the first time that Rammus rolled into an "OK" thread, or anything in between, you can find it here. When you're finished, check out Boards to join in the latest League of Legends discussions.

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Other days you may want to see who's online, but being able to see everyone's ranked score can motivate you to "the grind" for the next level. If you quit League two months ago, and a friend told you they were updating Annie to be older and completely reworking Taric, wouldn't you be a little bit curious? Besides, you may always switch to the ping system from the chat or just use the mute button if the chat becomes too annoying. That could be you. By Giuseppe Nelva July 21, While it may not be a big deal to be in a lower ranked division, the League community has become a hivemind about it. Numerous losses might be destroying, so be wise and try other tactics some other day.

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My friends tell me to start playing but I question about it because of how much I hated their community. There are provinces and kingdoms, cities and towns with differing economies and cultures. It's the reason that players mimic whatever is popular in LCS and implement it into their games immediately after. Ranked divisions are set up in tiers of jewel importance - Bronze sounds dull next to Silver, and Silver sounds dull next to Gold. League of Legends Articles.

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Good to know! LoL, just like anything else competitive, is a time sink. No, imo. By Greysun Morales July 21, Question: Should I download and start playing League of Legends?

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